Illustration by Jack Unruh

Hello, my name is Paul Huber. I'm a creative director, art director, graphic designer and copywriter living and working on beautiful Orcas Island, in the Great State of Washington. Most recently, I was Creative Director at, the leading online learning company that helps skill seekers acquire business, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. I oversaw the creative/marking components for both the Consumer and Enterprise sides of the business, feeding both the acquisition and retention machines. We were acquired by LinkedIn in April of 2015 for 1.5 billion dollars. As part of an effort to eliminate redundant positions, I was released in October of 2015. 

Prior to, I freelanced with copywriter John Parsons in a non-binding, loose affiliation known as Better Than One. Prior to that, I  was a partner and chief creative officer at Firewood for eight years, a San Francisco agency focused on branding and direct marketing. I was also a member of the original Saturn launch team at Hal Riney & Partners (where I learned how to build and maintain a meaningful brand from scratch), and design director at the legendary—and now sadly defunct—Altman & Manley (both Boston and SF).

I have helped brand everything from gaming consoles for BRIC nations to world-class marathons, and have about as diverse a creative background as you could imagine, well versed and accomplished in the disciplines of branding, graphic design, advertising, direct and relationship marketing, and digital design and experience. And I successfully headed up and helped grow a 120-person agency, serving as both president and chief creative officer.

I have also taught Brand & Branding and several Direct Study sessions at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and enjoy giving back and mentoring (by the way, not a money-making proposition). 

I've been fortunate enough to have received numerous awards over the course of my career—including Communication Arts, Graphis (including a recent Platinum Branding 6 winner), Print, Type Directors Club, Caples, Mead Annual Report Show, AIGA Graphic Design USA and The New York Art Directors Show—all of which can be found in cardboard boxes in my garage next to my spare BMW 2002 parts.