How I'm a Different Kind of Creative

I possess as broad a background as you could imagine, well versed in the disciplines of branding, graphic design, advertising, direct and relationship marketing, and digital design and experience.  •  I was a member of the original launch team for Saturn at Hal Riney & Partners, where I learned how to build and maintain a meaningful brand from scratch.  •  I successfully headed up a smattering of agencies ranging from 15 to 120 people, owning titles as varied as Design Director to President/CCO.  •  I live by a code of conduct that requires all of my personal interactions meet the standards of fairness, honesty and empathy.  •  I am curious by nature and possess a strong bias toward action.  •  I am a rare creative individual in that I possess sensibilities and talents for both art/design and copy.  •  I realized long ago that what I do for a living is only a part of who I am. And to be an ever-charged creative problem solver requires far more than just a passion for design and advertising and such.  •  My gifts of a cooperative spirit and sense of inclusion afford me the maturity to mentor, manage and maximize the talents of those I’m fortunate enough to work alongside.  •  I believe that only collaboration, hard work, ingenuity and perseverance produce exceptional work that produces exceptional results.  •  I still live for those magic, creative, idea-driven epiphanies that only this special livelihood offers.  •  I have been fortunate to have worked with and for some of the best minds in this industry, including Lynda Weinman, Andrew Wait, Hal Riney, Rich Silverstein, John F. Rizzo, Bob Manley, Danny Altman, Kiku Obata, Jay Loucks and Marcia Kadanoff.  •  A well-honed sense of humility makes it possible for me to take my work, rather than myself, quite seriously.  •  And that I’ve yet to do my best work or provide the most effective guidance of others in creating theirs.